ElRat, is a neurodivergent artist and mother based in the UK.

Original artworks

Traditionally screen printed by hand, using eco friendly, water based ink, curing to a soft finish, and fully machine washable

Feel free to contact me if you have a custom request.

I am one person working from home, have a family & another job. I will always do my best to ship your ready made items within 2 days, made to order items usually ship in 5 days, I will always do it as fast as possible. But please be aware that I have other things that need my attention.

Just trying to send my art into the world.

Be the Strange

ElRat Original Art

"Human Upcycling"

Natures fightback against humanity is a popular ElRat theme

"Humans are such easy prey"

This is pretty much what would happen if Mantids grew massive.


We probably deserved it

Still on the Natures Fightback theme

"Portuguese man o' war"

Drawn after hearing of ones attack on the one Hersh


Sometimes big things happen in small moments

"Finding Anchors"

We all need to find anchors in the rockface of life

"Human Databank"

In a future where humanity will be used as organic data storage for the machines.

"Gone and Forgotten"

The only future that exists for any of us.