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Handwritten by Kristin Hersh

Kristin Hersh writing out lyrics for ElRat Designs

One of a kind Rorschach tees

Rorschach tee from ElRat Designs - ONE OFF -Charcoal T-Shirt with Black print - Large (RCHBL1)
One off Rorschach Tees - ElRatDesigns

One off Rorschach Tees

Psychoanalyse your family and friends with a Rorschach from ElRat Designs Hand made,... 

Throwing Muses 'My mouth is full of Demons', 'Ellen West' tee - screen printed t-shirt - ElRat/Hersh

Kristin Hersh Merch

Original logos & original ELRat designs, all personally approved by Kristin Hersh, with profits going directly to KH to help pay for studio time.

ElRat is a 'Strange Angel' of some years. She hand prints all Hersh Merch to order.

come and talk about your Hersh shirt desires

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Octoclops Tees in  row, designed and printed by ELRat

Limited Editions

Hand-Printed shirts from a UK-based mother & artist

I make small quantities of shirts, I only make things I like.

Every item is hand printed by me using traditional silk screens

Just trying to send my art out into the world

Be the strange

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Anti Heroin chic, issue 33, december 2023

Published Art

ElRat has had 3 drawings published in the december 2023 edition of Anti-Heroin Chic Magazine.

Anti-Heroin Chic is a collective journal of poetry, photography, art work,  essays, interviews and more. 

Anti-Heroin Chic - Artwork by ElRat

2 drawings were featured in the 'Fevers of the Mind' Kristin Hersh interview

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Random ElRat Drawings

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