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  • Kristin Hersh song bones, looking for bones and finding treasure

    Song Bones

    I have said many times that "10-4 all" is among my favourite things in the world, and I have spent days and days, over years and years, shuffling those songs. I heard all of those, a lot, before I ever heard a Throwing Muses version.

    So... when I think of those songs, something like "Fish", I think of Kristin Hersh and an acoustic guitar.

    In case​ you don't know what the 10-4 project was all about, here's the link the the KH website, where you can read all about it. You can also still buy downloads of all 5 volumes of "10-4 all" here

    Kristin Hersh Song Bones 
  • Kristin Hersh Anecdotes, I don't speak I ramble.

    Kristin Hersh Anecdotes

    Anyone will tell you that Kristin Hersh tells a good story.

    Scattered around my mass of bootlegs, are these life stories that are often dark, sometimes sad, and always amusing.

    Hersh's stories should be heard by the world... but I'll settle for them being easily available to us Hersh folks.

    So... I really wanted to find some way of gathering them all up...

    It has been a long time coming, and I wasn't sure I would ever finish it... but the idea stuck in my mind, and after months of  listening to bootlegs & making notes, they're now compiled into some kind of order, so that hopefully they can all be found.

    Kristin Hersh Anecdotes 
  • Kristin Hersh, Throwing Muses & 50 foot wave bootleg list

    Kristin Hersh & Related Bootleg list

    I'm looking for any Hersh gigs I don't have + upgrades from lossy to lossless

    Please get in touch if there's anything you have that's not on my list or if you have something in lossless that I have lossy. 

    Also feel free to get in touch if there's anything you need from me.

    If you find any of this useful, or enjoy the links & uploads, please show some support for The Hersh, by either becoming a 'Strange Angel' or by dropping any spare pennies in the old tip jar.

    Support the artist, buy official.

    Kristin Hersh bootleg list 
  • Ch33sl3ys you tube channel

    My YouTube Channel

    I have a whole mass of KH live videos over on my YouTube channel, stacks of stuff from the last tour and some rare songs with timelapsed clouds.

    Ch33sl3y's YouTube 
  • Kristin Hersh Bootlegs on the Internet Archive

    Bootlegs on

    I have over 200 Hersh related bootlegs up on the internet archive. You can access these recordings for free. I linked the recording from the Trades club in Hebden Bridge from October 2023

    All I ask is that if you enjoy or appreciate my recordings you could drop some pennies in the Kristin Hersh Tip-Jar or maybe look at becoming a Strange Angel.

    Support independent artists making real music.

    Trades club 2023-10-18 
  • Kristin Hersh Clear Pond Road


    The new album 'Clear Pond Road' is out now, and what an album it is. Absolutely beautiful friom start to finish.

    With new Throwing Muses & 50 Foot Wave albums to look forward to as well as some book releases. There's plenty to keep up with.

    Come and join us on the Kristin Hersh discord server

    Kristin Hersh official site 

Kristin Hersh - 'Measure' - 10-4 all version. Sunrise timelapse